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"Tomorrow" always seems to carry such promise. At a week's end, it may mean that rest is coming. On a calendar, it may anticipate the sharing of candid conversation and lattes with a friend. On a task list, it may signify that there is still time yet. On this particular Wednesday on the last day in August, it means that Lacelit's fall collection is staying up late because it's too excited to sleep. And as the final countdown ticks by, there is a sweetened, long-awaited for sigh, which comes at the culmination of months spent conceptualizing, sketching, painting, scanning, rendering, test printing and photographing. Come tomorrow, there will be 36 new designs making their debut in the Lacelit


As the first of September draws near, there is much left to do. Yet, I cannot help but look back. I turn, and just past my shoulder, I see all the pieces of somethings that contributed to the place where I now stand looking at it all. Looking at it all, and feeling contentedly full somehow because it is important to account for the steps that led from mere ideas to let's-sees to alright-thens to things that I now hold in my hands. When I take note of the creative process, I feel uplifted. I'm often disheartened by the fast-paced nature and impatience for immediate gratification that I so often see in the culture that surrounds me in a daily way. It wears on me, and I often daydream of quiet

to sum(mer) up

Being the autumn child that I am, summer has always been a challenge--something to get through in order to arrive on cold sidewalks with crisp autumn air, leaves crunching beneath my booted feet. Residing in sunny Southern California means our spring-to-summers are long, and our autumn-to-winters are brief, but blissful. This summer is particularly challenging for me, and I find myself daydreaming of a northward migration to the green lands of Washington (but, I'll save my daydreaming for another time). The warm mornings and even hotter afternoons wear on my cold-weather spirit. Yet, I have always appreciated one aspect of summer. Ever since childhood, summertime meant a change of pace, a ch

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