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"Women, if the soul of the nation is to be saved, I believe that you must become its soul." -Coretta Scott King The beauty of vines grow on and on. Vines are incredibly difficult to cut away or hold back, and their determination to reach light is fervent and steadfast. Women are ever-growing, ever-green. The life, strength, passion, bravery, perseverance and light they carry does not cease. This piece was inspired by the #womensmarch that took place all over the world on January 21, 2017. In celebration and solidarity, we stand together for justice, equality and kindness always. Together, we will create a way. 3/52 :: Evergreen ArtStew52 is a 52-week creative challenge orchestrated by artist

newfound glories

A new year begins and January bids me to reflect back and dream ahead. It feels like a new breath--a freshly stretched canvas without speck or mark or stroke to say yet what it will become. I find comfort in Januarys. I find a sense of solace in the timing of this natural inclination for taking into account what has transpired. I find hopefulness in the act of consciously moving into a new span of days with expanded knowledge and a liberated outlook. Whatever the next steps may be, we have experienced, learned and grown into something somehow-different since the last exercise of this kind, 365 days passed. As a stationery designer and small business owner, the onset of January signifies an e

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