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studio companion

Nadia is a calico tabby cat who enjoys forehead kisses, sunbathing, the chase o the hunt, ice-cold water, and closing doors that stand ajar. She croons more than she meows and has the sweetest purr-song rumbles. She can be found sitting atop my scanner, on the window sill of my my studio nook, or lying outstretched on the floor by my chair. She answers to Nadia, Mimo, Mimo-Rimo, Mauw, Rauw-Mauw, and several other variations. She follows me from room to room, but saves most of her kisses for Jason. She is my studio companion, sweet-dreams feet snuggler, and silly entertainer. She smells like a woodland memory, and I love her so. 27/52 :: Favorite Smell ArtStew52 is a 52-week creative challeng

a letter to summer

Dear Summer, These past 33 years, you have worked very hard to win me over. I must commend you on your valiant attempt, especially during childhood days with sleep-away camp and Thrifty ice cream cones and jelly sandals. I appreciate what you are, truly I do. It's just that the heat is too much for my little overcast-skies, sweater-wearing, cozy-fireside, walk-in-the-rain, read-novels-in-bed, autumn-child self. Yet, I applaud you for the happiness you evoke in so many, the vibrant greens you awaken, and how children and their school teachers wait all year long for your sunny window of freedom. For the kitties who soak in your rays and the summer spirits who picnic at the beach. I promi


In-betweens resonate with me in a thoroughly knowing way. They are part of my personhood. I am between two sisters. I am multi-racial. I am social, but an introvert. I am religious, but liberal. I am reserved, but progressive. I have strong beliefs, but am gentle in sharing them. They are part of my identity. I am an artist, but left-brained in skill set. I am an entertainer, but not a performer. I am a teacher, but not a leader. I am a poet, but not a romantic. They are a part of my personality. I am a mediator. I am imaginative, but rigid with perfectionism. I am independent, but loyal. I am empathetic, but realistic. I am a minimalist, but love delicate detail. I am friendly, but avoid

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