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I stepped out into morning, overcast with a gently moving fog hanging betwixt everything—and my heartbeat quickened with surprise intake of breath as I beheld wonder. Oak’s crown had fallen to cover every surface in a delicate collage of layered leaves. Crisp, cool air filled my lungs, and I remembered autumn’s abundance. #autum #photography #stories


Green revives me. Whenever I am depleted, something instinctive and knowing pulls me towards the gentle, yet enlivened greenery all around. Its hue and life quiets my racing mind until I slow and steady. It reawakens something still and familiar and safe. And with a hush of calm, it pacifies the rapid-fire nature of ideas and things and obligatory notions. In hours, days, weeks or months that press upon me as though they were a long, outstretched trail weaving in and out of wooded everglades without ever an end to reach, the greens along the path never fail to grant me a wish- a respite of tranquility that soothes each step of exhaled cares and accompanies me as I breathe in light again. #st

making winter

I’ve many fond childhood memories that occurred in the wintertime each year. I loved the aromatic delight of stepping in out of the cold to behold the crisp scent of pine or fir coming from our living room. I loved unwrapping ornaments with my sisters that had been brought down from the attic, and finding the perfect bough to balance each one just so. I remember my artistic older sister lamenting how we never had a themed tree and how much nicer it would be if only there was more continuity and a more balanced aesthetic. I was too sentimental to appreciate her idea at the time, simply wanting to hang my memories on every branch. I loved when evening darkness came adding its lovely contrast t

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