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note・ations | 02 the perks & perils of working from home

[EPISODE 2] In which I chat about transitioning from juggling a full-time job while simultaneously running an art business to being solely self-employed, and the perks and perils of working from home. [MENTIONS] • Cheryl Loh of Quirky Paper Co. • Jackie Sun of Wondershins [ABOUT] note·ations plural noun a series of audible letters from artist Kimberly Taylor-Pestell of Lacelit, a podcast in which episodes are very much akin to sitting down together for a cozy conversation over a cup of tea to chat about all manner of things within the realm of the artist narrative, heartfelt creativity, and running an intentional small business For monthly goodies in your inbox, join my Paper Trails e-newsle

makers for sustainable making

Happy Earth Day, friends! While everyday can and should be Earth Day, I'm so pleased that there is a specific day each year devoted to celebrating our beautiful world and the plants and creatures with which we share it, raise awareness about eco-friendly practices and resources, and call us to take an even more active part in its care through sustainable living. As makers who produce goods and use materials, we have a responsibility to do so in environmentally-conscious ways. When we create new things and share them out into the world, it's imperative for us to carefully consider how what we make impacts the earth with an accountable awareness of the space we are taking up through what we pr

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