on beginning

I've heard it said that starting something new is the most difficult part of it all. Yet, I so often see the start of a new undertaking as somewhere in the middle--in between an idea and its eventual fruit.

A new project can feel like coming back to something. And that's how it feels with this blog.

Writing has ever been a significant part of being honest, articulating thought and exercising expression, and I have missed it dearly over the last few years as I paused from written words to explore ink and watercolor.

I love the process of reading through a life over time and seeing a history form in its wake. Taking note of the experiences an author felt worthy of sharing is to look through a window and find bits and pieces of a soul.

I've been wanting to resurface into this aspect of creative expression ever since I left it, so I suppose you could say that this beginning began quite some time ago.

It is in this little enhappied space that I will share with you my musings, my inklings and a window into my creative process. I'd love for you to join me in this happy return to words.


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