Through time, traditions evolve and change. Yet, fond memories always find their way back to the surface.

From our earliest years and throughout the first two decades of my life, the performing arts were at the center of our season. December was filled with musicality and movement and meaning. Choral singing, choreographing musicals, handbell ringing. For a month, we lived amidst music notes with our dearest friends. A natural connectedness and camaraderie was all around, and it meant so very much to us when aspects of life that ought to be stable, could not be counted on.

Singing in 3-part harmony with my sisters--voices that belong together--filling car rides. Paper-and-twining until all the love is wrapped and waiting. Coming to an understanding with the sun and reveling in a few more days of overcast skies, rain melodies and crisp, cool air in my lungs before its quick return. Nestled knitting with my little calico tabby humming purr-songs of comfort and joy. A nostalgic scent of pine.

Thirty-three years now, and I'm taking note of the things that have changed. Some sorrowful, others warm and hope-filled. The sweetest of memories floating back on melodies that I still have memorized from childhood days.

May the holidays bring merriment to you and yours. And should it fail--let us make it for ourselves and share it outward until it takes.


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© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell