newfound glories

A new year begins and January bids me to reflect back and dream ahead. It feels like a new breath--a freshly stretched canvas without speck or mark or stroke to say yet what it will become.

I find comfort in Januarys. I find a sense of solace in the timing of this natural inclination for taking into account what has transpired. I find hopefulness in the act of consciously moving into a new span of days with expanded knowledge and a liberated outlook. Whatever the next steps may be, we have experienced, learned and grown into something somehow-different since the last exercise of this kind, 365 days passed.

As a stationery designer and small business owner, the onset of January signifies an end to the busiest time of year. Autumn-to-winter always seems to pass by on wintry winds (and always far too quickly for my liking), and there is scarcely time for bits of pause or calm amidst it all.

With a tired and fluttery sigh, I tuck what's left of the holiday cards away for safe keeping, and turn my gaze once again to the blank page, and to the watercolors that have been sitting quietly in my periphery--their pretty little hues awaiting a reunion with kindred brush friends--eager and expectant.

Valentine's Day floats just ahead with little cloud nines and lifelong friendships ready to be celebrated. I am ready to celebrate love of all kinds and shapes and colors and histories and futures. I am ready to paint again.

In fact, I am hungry for it.

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[1] © Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell 2016

[2] © Deborah Tracey 2016

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