mr. hopper

In my youth, I happened upon a little green grasshopper who had been through a great ordeal prior to my finding him amidst the little green weeds of our backyard. He was without one of his front legs, which made it exceedingly difficult for him to jump or take off in flight.

I immediately envisioned him becoming easy prey to one of the many neighborhood birds. So, even though I was timid when it came to insects, I managed to capture him up in a little bug terrarium I've been given at some point in my young life, but had never put to use for obvious reasons.

Mr. Hopper ended up living a year or two with us, enjoying the occasional field trip a handful of memorable times when I lifted the terrarium's lid to add in new greens, and he grew to a very distinguished and stately size in his day.

17/52 :: Insect

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