fervently trying to grow to tall

in the direction from whence we came

finding calm in roots and earth

planting memories deeper still

ensuring a tethered spot for keeps

simply forgetting to learn from all

in new directions to broaden minds

finding light in wind and sky

planting footsteps further still

building together a spot for seeds

a tethered spot for keeps

© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell 2017

23/52 :: Uprooted

ArtStew52 is a 52-week creative challenge orchestrated by artist Rhea Amyett of Hatching Artist

to spur on creativity in the Instagram community.Artists of all mediums--both visual and written--

commit to exploring a new prompt each week. Join the challenge or follow along with #ArtStew52.

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© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell