sing a rainbow

Red and yellow and pick and green,

Orange and purple and blue.

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow,

Sing a rainbow, too.

Some of my fondest childhood memories with my dad were when we'd be in the car driving on our way to somewhere, and he would put in one of his favorite cassette tapes that he had mixed with intention and care. There was something so beautiful about this quiet, intellectual man bobbing his head emphatically in perfect rhythm of the beat.

As we drove, he told me tids and bits about the musicians and singers behind the songs, and I picked up pieces of pre- and classic rock history.

This song, Sing a Rainbow, is one of my earliest of such memories, and I can clearly hear Cilla Black's gently whimsical voice wafting through the care between Petula Clark's Downtown, The Beatles and the Four Lads, among many other greats.

My dad's musical taste has always been brilliant, and ur car rides remain a meaningful part of childhood and my lifelong love of music.

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