making winter

I’ve many fond childhood memories that occurred in the wintertime each year. I loved the aromatic delight of stepping in out of the cold to behold the crisp scent of pine or fir coming from our living room. I loved unwrapping ornaments with my sisters that had been brought down from the attic, and finding the perfect bough to balance each one just so.

I remember my artistic older sister lamenting how we never had a themed tree and how much nicer it would be if only there was more continuity and a more balanced aesthetic. I was too sentimental to appreciate her idea at the time, simply wanting to hang my memories on every branch.

I loved when evening darkness came adding its lovely contrast to the scene, our tree glowing with cheery countenance and our little selves snuggled beneath cozy blankets with our favorite Christmas music CDs spinning their wintry melodies in the background.

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