Flavor to Savor Art Print (3 prints)

SKU: AP-12

Picture your very favorite homemade meal. Is there a memory tied to it? When I was a kid, my parents let my sisters and me pick our favorite meal to have for dinner on each of our birthdays. My younger sister’s pick was macaroni and cheese with carrots. Mine was a stroganoff-style casserole with peas served with Japanese rice piping hot from the rice cooker (And yes, we ate gohan on the side of everything!). Food may simply consist of ingredients, but the love and culinary artistry that goes into its careful preparation as well as the people who savor it with you, make meals into memories. 

The perfect addition to every kitchen or gift for that kindred chef or foodie in your life.


▻ Original, freehand ink and watercolor painting printed on 140 lb. cold press acid-free watercolor paper
▻ 8x10 art print ($24 for 3 prints)
▻ Packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves with protective cardboard (picture frame not included)

▻ Quantity: Minimum of 3 prints per style and size