Sage Words

by Jet Widick

Hand lettering and illustration by Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell

Creative direction and design by Kristen Alden

A beautifully hand-lettered and illustrated collection of poetry and spoken word pieces from the heart. Each poem is wrapped in the same love and unwavering devotion that created them; each carries its own experience to ease us out of our minds and gently place the focus on our hearts.

"Pouring your soul into your work is opening your heart to the world."


- Jet Widick

Sage Words is a beautiful culmination of three passionate hearts. Each page is filled with the thoughtful poetry of Jet, illustrations and hand lettering by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, and color/design by Kristen.

Enjoy Kimberly's post on the story behind Sage Words:

A Coming of Sage


interview with

the makers

Jet Widick


Kimberly Taylor-Pestell

Illustrator & Hand-Letterist

Kristen Alden

Creative Director & Designer



Join all three Sage makers at one of our special events Feb. 25 through March 1. If you would like to host a book signing, carry Sage books in your shop, interview the makers for your blog or podcast, or invite the makers to speak at an event or conference, please complete our Sage Books Interest Form.

Sage Words Poetry in Motion Series

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