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Illustrating endearing paper goods and hosting cozy retreats fostering creativity-building, storytelling, and meaningful connection


I'm the mixed Nikkei American hapa artist behind Lacelit, a paper goods company that’s all about fostering meaningful human connection and self-expression for the sentimental souls among us. Endearing illustration and clever wordplay are infused into all of Lacelit's designs and can be enjoyed on a lovely array of greeting cards and stationery, recipe cards, stickers, art prints, button pins, and calendars. I run my art business out of my home studio on unceded Tongva land of what's now known as the San Gabriel Valley of California.


Lacelit started as a daydream several years after college and a psychology degree had come and gone. Discovering art in my late twenties and being a self-taught artist, it took me some time to develop my style and discern what and how I enjoy creating. From the dear, lace-like geometrics where Lacelit got its name, to painting freehand watercolor patterns with vibrant brushstrokes, hand-lettering phrases of clever wordplay for my paper good designs, and exploring the art of paper and multimedia collage- it's a comforting thought to know that there is always more to learn and places to grow.


As a mixed-race, half-Japanese and half-white American born in Los Angeles, I grew up with two diverse socializations. From my earliest memories, I was introduced to multiple ways of thinking and expression simply by observing the behaviors, perspectives, communication styles, thought processes, and traditions represented in each side of my family. I've long loved and resonated with different aspects of each culture, and learned early on that there are always several ways to see the same thing. It's through the decisions I make and actions I take that I truly choose who and how I want to be. My Nikkei roots influence and inform my art in many ways through a love and appreciation of paper, whimsical imagery and thoughtful subject matter, intentionally balanced detail and color, and the poetic sentiments and affirming turns of phrase that give life to my work. It's in the interweaving of both cultures that I illustrate, design, paint, make, and write.

Leaf illustration
Leaf illustration
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