Kimberly 國子 Taylor-Pestell

Illustrator, Hand-Letterist, Poet

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Whimsical greetings and illustrations for the intentional soul.


Lacelit is all about fostering meaningful human connection and creative self-expression for the sentimental souls who long to uplift others while striving to be a little kinder to themselves.


Lacelit started as a daydream several years after college and a psychology degree had come and gone. Discovering art in my late twenties, I am mostly self-taught and delight in the imperfect symmetry of drawing and painting freehand. While exploring and developing my artistic style, I began to notice the ways in which my Japanese roots influence and impact my art through a love of paper, minimalist imagery, intentionally balanced detail, and the poetic sentiments that give life to my work.

Growing up half-Japanese and half-white American, I was introduced to multiple ways of thought and expression simply by observing the behaviors, communication styles, thought processes, opinions, and traditions seen in each side of my family. I have always loved and resonated with different aspects of each culture, and learned early on that there are several ways to see the same thing. With two diverse socializations, I quickly learned that it was through the decisions I make and actions I take that I truly choose who and how to be. It is in the culmination of both cultures that I look, listen, laugh, and paint.

© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell
© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell