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Join my Creativity Club


Creativity Club is a dear place where creatives of all mediums, experiences, perspectives, and identities share creative space together to make, write, and ideate.


I love the way creativity can so beautifully center around community and a sense of togetherness. How this can transform a gathering into a safe and cozy home for sharing the creative process with fellow like-kinded souls who love to uplift one another.


There's something so special about witnessing the first spark of an idea, brainstorming as the imagination activates, and being there to spur each other on through both surprises and snags that are bound to ensue when one welcomes creativity into one's days.

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As a kid, I learned that being a member of a club carried a commitment to something that was important to me. Something I was willing and eager to carve out time and space for, cultivate and grow, explore and experiment with, and share the delight of it all with others who were doing the same.

Creativity Club includes an open invitation to-


  • participate in cozy, virtual Guided Creative Retreats with new themes each month, especially for taking some quiet moments to follow our creative curiosities and focusing on any medium you'd like to explore whether it be writing, drawing, painting, collage, fiber arts, music composition, or crafting, while using materials you have on hand at home. Each guided retreat is akin to going on a solo retreat of your own while in the company of fellow creatives who are doing the same. You're welcome anytime.

  • join our cozy quarters on Patreon to connect regularly and enjoy engaging with bite-sized creative prompts to exercise our imaginations and dip our toes into different methods for sparking new ideas.

Review our Creativity Club Community Guidelines

Our Creativity Club has 5 tiers, and all are welcome no matter which suits your time, energies, and resources best. You can always move between tiers or take a break altogether as life fluctuates through different seasons. And, you're always welcome back any time. Here's a little introduction to each one:



$5 or $10/month

Creatives of all mediums who enjoy responding to bite-sized prompts that spark creative play and nudge us in new directions to explore and experiment.


Creatives prompts and creativity chats threads center on a monthly theme with opportunities to share our makings and writings together along the way.



$10 or $16/month

Folks who are both creatives + small business owners. This tier includes rewards from both the Creativity Club and Dream & Scheme tiers.


Combined rewards from both Creativity Club and Dream & Scheme Community for creative small business owners.


Creativity Keepers

(coming soon)

Creatives of all mediums who welcome some gentle accountability to regularly carve out time and space for creativity. A supported way of keeping the promise to ourselves to actively grow and cultivate our creativity.


Monthly access to an open, creative session hosted live on Zoom for 1 hour as a regular "time and place" to show up and engage with our imaginations.




For those who'd like to dip their toes in, peruse my creative endeavors through diary-like Little Chapters posts, and have the chance to connect more regularly.

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