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hand-cut paper collage by Kimberly Kuniko

togethering is a piece that explores the quiet strength of lily pads as a symbol for community. The way lily pads float together in a cloud reminds me of the beauty to be found in sharing the ebb-and-flows and rise-and-falls together; in sharing the responsibility of caring for and healing our planet, banding together, demanding the improbable, and turning hope into change.

The piece is created entirely from repurposed materials:

  • lily pads were made from an assortment of materials including the backings of Salonpas pain patches, print catalogs, and the translucent wrapping that my iPad arrived in

  • the base was cut from the backing of 2 watercolor paper pads

  • thread was passed down from my Japanese American mother and aunt

togethering is currently on view as a wall mural in the virtual reality gallery of textile upcycling artist, Mira Musank, and part of the A Study in Artivism exhibit at The Climate Gallery. Along with a group of inspiring collaborators including Cynthia Anderson (fashion photographer), Jesus Romero (fashion designer), Starry Eyed Cadet (indie band), Richard Inkyu Kim (violist), and Veronica Cipto (graphic designer), our collective work illustrates important, climate-centered themes.


Support Mira Musank's ongoing work by gifting her a tip on Venmo: @MiraMusank.

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