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Holding myself to my intention of enjoying 2023 as a series of experiments, I'm sharing more of my process and offering more of my original explorations for sale. This little lacelit has it's own one-of-a-kind charm.

▻ Original, one-of-a-kind ink freehand drawing by Kimberly Kuniko.

▻ 4x6 postcard is made of Strathmore Imperial Watercolor paper.


▻ Send along to a friend or frame it in any standard 4x6 frame to add some original art to your space.


▻ Signed and dated on reverse.


All art, designs, photography, and graphics are copyright registered and may not be reproduced, altered, or used without written permission from the artist. © Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell / Lacelit

Lacelit Starburst | 4 x 6 Freehand-Drawn Postcard

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