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Collage + Mixed Media Art

Original paper, mixed media collage pieces that Kimberly Kuniko affectionately refers to as "paperlings" because of their small size and delicate, minimalist aesthetic.


Discovering collage at the start of the pandemic felt like coming home to something she hadn’t known existed and allowed me to creatively express in a more immersive, tangible way. There’s something so meaningful in the piecing together of disparate materials, which were never meant to belong, but somehow do.

Her collage work has been featured in The Climate Gallery, published in Artists Responding To Magazine, Photosynthesis Magazineand will be featured in an upcoming issue of Room Magazine.


One of Kimberly Kuniko's collages made entirely from repurposed materials is on view as a wall mural in the virtual reality gallery of textile upcycling artist, Mira Musank, and part of the A Study in Artivism exhibit at The Climate Gallery.

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