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A daydreamy iteration of Jake Parker's Inktober IG challenge, but with a twist! Hosted by artist Kimberly Kuniko (@lacelit), #lacelitober is open to ALL creative mediums (kiddos welcome, too!).
You can even switch around between mediums, share in-progress explorations that aren't finished yet, or combine prompt lists for an added challenge.

There’s no pressure to do every single prompt and you can post to the hashtag anytime. Prompts are there to spark ideas and encourage us to tap into our imaginations throughout the month of October in whatever pockets of time we have and in the frequency that feels inspiring and good for you.

Whether you explore the prompts through writing, drawing, painting, collage, fiber arts, photography, songwriting, blown glass, pottery, sculpture, art journaling, or any other art form, you are invited and welcome!


Beginning Oct. 1, share your creative explorations to Instagram using the #lacelitober hashtag and tag Kimberly @lacelit, so she can cheer you on with happy comments and share your creations to Stories as time permits.
Screen capture any of the graphics on this page to have the prompts close at hand. Feel free to invite a friend or two along!

01. nap
02. polaroid
03. pipsqueak
04. birdhouse
05. watering can
06. moth
07. celestial
08. bookbag
09. moon
10. coinpurse
11. bridge
12. stitch
13. snail mail
14. wheels
15. raincoat
16. rocking chair
17. tentacles
18. hammock
19. ice
20. radish
21. pocket
22. geode/agate
23. clue
24. coffee shop
25. forest
26. hidden
27. soup
28. peckish
29. balloon
31. bones

2023 Creativity-Club-Printable.jpg

planning sheet for 
Creativity Club

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