A daydreamy iteration of Jake Parker's Inktober IG challenge, but with a twist!

Hosted by artist Kimberly Kuniko (@lacelit), #lacelitober is open to ALL creative mediums (and ages- kiddos welcome!). Whether you explore the prompts through writing, drawing, painting, collage, fiber arts, photography, songwriting, blown glass, pottery, sculpture, art journaling, or any other art form, you are invited and welcome.

Beginning Oct. 1, share your creative explorations to Instagram using the #lacelitober hashtag and tag Kimberly @lacelit, so she can cheer you on with happy comments and share your creations to Stories as often as she can.
Screen capture any of the graphics on this page to have the prompts close at hand. Feel free to invite a friend or two along!

01. Day
02. Night
03. Grow
04. Glow
05. Deciduous
06. Puzzle/riddle
07. Wing
08. Web
09. Sleep
10. Key/keyhole
11. Sneak
12. Whisper
13. Transparent
14. Stone
15. Soil
16. Above
17. Below
18. Betwixt
19. Hum/whistle
20. Float
21. Sink
22. Secret
23. Map
24. Pause/wait
25. Climb
26. Lair
27. Blustery
28. Knit
29. Disguise
30. Concoction
31. Enchantment