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Monthly Newsletter

Enjoy the Paper Trails newsletter delivered to your inbox each month and filled to the brim with...

  • STUDIO MAKINGS - Diary-like entries with photographs, art inspiration, creative exploration, and stories from the studio.

  • IN THE SHOP - A spotlight on a handful of Lacelit designs accompanied by a little backstory from whence it came.

  • UPCOMING EVENTS - All the details on craft shows and monthly virtual Guided Creative Retreats, Dream & Scheme Retreats for Creative Small Business Owners, family Craft-Alongs, and art workshops.

  • PATREON HAPPENINGS - Sneak peeks of creative goings-on over in our cozy quarters on Patreon.

  • IN-BETWEENS - Occasional announcements tucked in between newsletters when there's something exciting to share that simply can't wait.

I Spy Tiny Things Printable Game Sheet

An illustrated downloadable printable game sheet for indoor playing and whilst gazing out your loveliest window.


Kimberly Kuniko's Substack
Paper Trails is a cozy column filled with the writings + creativity of Kimberly Kuniko

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