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Join my Dream & Scheme Community


Dream & Scheme is a dear place for creative small business owners to share space to connect, brainstorm, work, and cheer each other on.

A cozy community made up of creative small business owners (both product- and service-based) who value kindness and integrity, and growing their business in lasting ways, gradually and sustainably.


Being a part of the Dream & Scheme Community is an open invitation to-


...sign up to join in for virtual quarterly meet-ups, Deep Dive workshops, co-working sessions, and camps where we engage in meaningful conversations and topical discussions, tackle specific areas of our businesses, brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot issues, glean from each others' expertise, share resources, get work done, and cheer each other on.

...join our cozy quarters on Patreon to connect regularly through opt-in activities, reflections, resources, and themed chat threads with a variety of rewards on each tier (see below).

As small business owners working for ourselves, it can so easily feel like a lonely vocation. Dream & Scheme was created as a way to share space and connect with others who truly understand what the day-to-days of running a business are like, and can make the going a little lighter and a lot more meaningful.

Review Dream & Scheme Community Guidelines


Dream & Schemer (Partial)


Creative small business owners who enjoy connecting to brainstorm, work, and cheer each other along.

Prompts, resources, and discussion threads center on a monthly theme with opportunities to share our small business lives together along the way + come with an audio recorded version for listening on the go.

Members enjoy 5%-off all virtual retreats, workshops, and co-working sessions.



$10 or $16/month

For those who want to engage in both creative exploration and small business communities, these tiers include membership to both Creativity Club and Dream & Scheme with access to content, spaces, and full rewards of both.

Wonderologist (Partial, $10/month) =

Rewards for

Imaginographer (Partial)

+ Dream & Scheme (Partial)

Wonderologist (Partial, $16/month) =

Rewards for

Imaginographer (Full)

+ Dream & Scheme (Full)


Dream & Scheme (Full)


Creative small business owners who welcome gentle, yet energizing accountability by holding time and space for creative work and connection on a regular basis- a supported way of getting things done while in good company.


Members enjoy access to a monthly co-working session, hosted live on Zoom as a regular time and place to show up to get stuff done in an environment of support. Each session centers on a theme, but time can be used in whatever way is most helpful.

All content posts and resources on Patreon will support the monthly theme + come with an audio recorded version.

Members enjoy 10%-off all other virtual retreat and workshops (co-working session is already included).




For those who'd like to dip their toes in, peruse my creative endeavors through diary-like Little Chapters posts, and have the chance to connect more regularly.

Download the Patreon App

Save time on logging in to Patreon by downloading the free Patreon App to your phone or preferred smart device:

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"Kimberly does such an incredible job gathering a wonderful group of thoughtful creatives/small business owners together. Her materials and content are exceptionally well thought out, and she provides so many helpful worksheets and templates for us to work through on our own, discuss together, and take with us for future planning. She fosters such a genuine, open, and inclusive environment, which gives an introvert like myself the confidence to share my thoughts, hopes, and dreams with others I did not know before".


Illustrator & Surface Designer of Cheery Human Studios
Kristina's Website | Kristina on IG

. . . .

"Kimberly's gentle guidance makes me really comfortable, and I love how she makes each and every participant feel special. The Dream & Scheme Retreat helped me get a broader vision of my business and where I want to take it, and the whole experience was enlightening, affirming, inspiring, and gentle. As a fledgling business owner, attending Kimberly's retreats have helped me immensely. I've gained new insights and thrived in the company of like-minded creatives. The support and positive emulation within the group is priceless."


Reader, Writer, & Researcher
Marie's Website | Marie on IG

. . . .

"The group is open-hearted. We all have a lot of trust in Kimberly, and I appreciate how organized and on-schedule retreats are without us feeling time-pressured or that we need to hurry along to get through all of the materials and content. I appreciate the chances to follow-up and continue the connections made and to help us adjust plans we make at the beginning of the year."


Artist, Illustrator, & Surface Designer of UshaDesigns
Usha's Website | Usha on IG


. . . .

"Usually group sessions like these would make me feel behind or intimidated, but I felt surprisingly at peace and in a good headspace to reflect without judgement. That's because Kimberly has carefully crafted a gentle and structured environment that fosters deep, intentional thinking, which is great to cure for the non-productive thoughts and overthinking in my head. The vibe is heartfelt, materials very organized, and it's a very safe space for my inner child to come out and participate!"


Interdisciplinary Artist & Designer of Annbiguity

Ann's Website | Ann on IG


. . . .


"I am motivated more when I connect with others, and meeting with other small business owners and budding business owners is meaningful. Dream & Scheme is always relaxed and informative, and the content is just what I need to get me moving."


Artist, Illustrator & Art Instructor

Aleta's Website | Aleta on IG

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