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Thank you again for joining me on Patreon! Here are our community guidelines for participating and engaging in this shared space:

be kind and courteous

Let's all do our part to make this a safe and welcoming environment where affirmation and encouragement is abundant, and all are treated with respect. Healthy constructive feedback and debate are natural, but kindness and tact are required at all times. A good practice is to first ask what type of feedback someone is looking for before offering critique. Please also take care to use preferred pronouns whenever they are shared.


respect everyone's privacy, confidentiality, and creative property

Being part of this group requires mutual trust. Authentic, expressive discussion is part of what makes creative community great, but let's be mindful to honor each participant's privacy, confidentiality, and creative property. What's shared in this group should stay in this group. Do not screenshot, copy, recreate, or repeat things that others have shared in good faith without express permission from that person. Always ask before sharing another's work, even if it's to promote or celebrate them. This gives the other person an opportunity to decline or indicate any parameters such as a tagged credit or additional info.


no dominating the spotlight or sharing spammy content

Let's take care to take turns. If you've been sharing a lot, take a small step back to make room for others to share, too. ^.^ Excessive self-promotion, spam, or irrelevant links do not belong in this shared space. Self-promotion should only be shared if/when there is a posted invitation or open call from me to share in this way.


not a public forum for pushing a specific cause, belief, or view

This space is for creative exploration and/or growing a creative small business, so let’s take care to remember that it is not a public forum to promote or push our own causes, beliefs, or views. While I understand these things may inspire or influence our creative life, it’s my priority for the space to be safe and comfortable for everyone. If you would like to engage on a specific topic that falls into these areas, please do so off-platform in a personal capacity where invitation and consent are agreed upon by both parties.

content warnings are encouraged

Because art and creative expression naturally covers a vast variety of topics, experiences, and perspectives, some themes may include material that is sensitive for some of us. As a way of taking care in the way we share our work, let's practice leading with a Content Warning if we are sharing a topic that has the potential of being tough for some of us. For example, you might write, "Content Warning: Grief & Loss" or "Content Warning: Violence" or "Content Warning: Depression & Anxiety". This way, each of us has the opportunity to self-select whether we wish to engage with the following content or not- and with no hard feelings whatsoever!


no hate speech or bullying

Aggressive behavior and bullying of any kind is not allowed, and any degrading comments related to race, culture, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, age, or identity will not be tolerated.

explicit language and mature content

In keeping this space comfortable for everyone (especially any younger Patrons who visit), let’s keep things PG-13. ^.^

community first

First and foremost, this community is a space to connect with fellow creatives and uplift each others' creative explorations and goals. If you have specific questions relating to these guidelines, please email me directly at hello(at)lacelit(dot)com.

Now, let's enjoy sharing our creativity together!

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