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Lacelit is committed to...



  • demonstrating love for our global community through prioritization of intentional representation and accessibility,

  • standing with all communities who have been systematically disregarded, oppressed, marginalized, persecuted, displaced, enslaved, exploited, physically harmed or killed, and silenced,

  • standing against the widespread oppression of women, POC communities, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ communities, immigrants, indigenous communities, and seniors,

  • standing with Black and Latinx communities against police brutality in all forms, and a biased criminal justice system that disproportionately targets Black and Brown Americans,



  • continuing to listen and learn directly from voices who represent each community, address my privilege as a White-passing hapa and strive toward more active allyship.



  • reducing waste, and reusing and repurposing materials,

  • using 100% recycled kraft envelopes, 100% recycled mailers with a minimum of 35% post-consumer content, 100% recycled chipboard backing for art prints, and plant-based cello sleeves,

  • using paper stock from a paper mill that is committed to energy and water conservation efforts through clean manufacturing initiatives including:

    • Green-e Certified renewable energy (over 30,000 megawatt-hours annually),

    • Reducing their environmental footprint with improvements to their transportation processes as a member of the EPA SmartWay program,

    • Utilizing best practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water usage,

    • Recycling and reusing fully treated effluent back into their process to minimize freshwater draws with a policy to return the water used in their green manufacturing process without negatively impacting the receiving environment,

    • Using renewable energy sources including steam from co-generation of electricity, hydro-generated electricity, and purchased renewable power.

    • Responsibly sourcing fiber and designing innovative products that embrace sustainability, receiving the Forest Stewardship Council Leadership Award in 2019,

  • making the switch to new vinyl sticker vendors this year producing stickers that are Greenguard gold-certified with the use of eco-solvent ink for durability and reduced impact on the environment (matte stickers) and environmentally friendly PVC-free film (gloss stickers),


  • continuing to research and implement more ways to reduce Lacelit's footprint on our beautiful planet.



Lacelit recognizes that creating sustainable, lasting systemic change to build an inclusive, diverse, and accessible world for ALL requires ongoing and active diligence. I understand that this is a continual journey and, though I know I will make missteps along the way as I continue to learn, I am committed to being a perpetual student in pursuit of a more just future and take full responsibility for educating myself without depending on the emotional labor of others. If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out.

Kimberly's home studio resides on unceded Tongva land. She is actively seeking out ways to support and give back to the communities of native peoples of Southern California, and will be providing an update here on this webpage in 2023 as to where and how she will be doing so.

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