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A creative Alongside session is a one-on-one Skype or Zoom all with me to chat or brainstorm anything related to creative process or small business, or to walk through an idea or concept for a project.

During our session, I'll offer both encouragement and guidance along the way, and ask you questions to help dislodge your own ideas, vision, and aims. My role will be one of a fellow creative "alongsiding" with you as you explore your creative voice, conceptualize, and set plans in motion. I believe that creative community is invaluable and sometimes, all it takes to surpass a hurdle or make a breakthrough with an idea, is to talk it out with someone who "gets it" and can offer an outside perspective. This is where I come in with a listening ear, my love of ideation and posing questions, and an organizational mindset to help discern possible routes to help you along your creative journey.

Use our time to delve into creative process, self-expression, or small business; story-led branding and talking about what you do; developing and launching new offerings; selling online, at craft shows, or wholesale; working with reps; shifting directions in your business; planning ahead for slow seasons; fostering meaningful lifelong customer relationships; etc.



"I was feeling lost about the business and identity aspect of my brand, and wanted a constructive, outside perspective. I felt stuck and that I couldn't move on without having these questions answered. I found the session to be comfortable, friendly, insightful, eye-opening, and AMAZING. I learned so much about brand personality, audience, and even matching up the logo on social media with the brand name. I also found the post-session support EXTREMELY helpful with all the links and extra support and questions I had, which I have been referencing since. Kimberly's knowledge and years of experience about branding from the business perspective as well as the customer's perspective were invaluable to me. I came away from the 1:1 session really inspired and rejuvenated, especially when I had been feeling anxious about everything."


Screen Print Designer & Stationery Shop Owner

Elica's Shop | Elica on IG


. . . .

"I chose to work with Kimberly because of her thoughtful approach to creative entrepreneurship. I booked one Alongside session with her to help me focus on a specific aspect of my business which was how to use visual language to communicate my values, services, and framework. Kimberly saw my strengths, ensuring that the heartfelt elements were brought out more. After one session, I was able to deepen my confidence in the design of my concept and embraced the linguistics that aligned more with my artistry. My clients ended up loving the version of my business and found it refreshing and impactful. For those needing some redirection to your true self for your business, please book a session or two with Kimberly!"


Surface Pattern Designer
Nissana on IG


. . . .

"I had an idea for a program I wanted to start, but needed a thinking partner who could help me focus the strategy at a high level. Kimberly helped me ideate how I wanted to structure it by asking me to consider the 'why' behind some of my decisions. She also helped me be more strategic in my approach to shaping the program through her advice, gentle questioning, and brainstorming. I needed more than just validation for my idea, and working with Kimberly, just for a short session, really helped bring clarity and organization to my thinking and how I would approach my next steps. The 1:1 Alongside Session was a way to get focused attention on one aspect of my business that I wanted to develop with more individualized coaching, guidance, and mentoring about specific questions."


Artist, Illustrator, & Surface Designer of UshaDesigns
Usha's Website | Usha on IG


. . . .

"I needed some guidance and support for refocusing my art business. I wanted to change direction and was not sure how to do that. Kimberly helped me do this through the questions she asked and follow-up support to help me dig in and discern how to move forward. Kimberly's style is very relaxed, which makes for a calming experience. We used the time to work at what I wanted to accomplish, but there was no stress and her support made our sessions productive."


Artist, Illustrator & Art Instructor

Aleta's Website | Aleta on IG

. . . .


"I booked a 1:1 Alongside Session to work on making a writing plan for the book I am starting. Kimberly suggested several ideas and tasks I hadn't considered. It was an outstanding session and extremely useful!"




Terms & Conditions

Throughout our Alongside working relationship, Kimberly and the Client will engage in direct and personal conversations through Skype or Zoom call. Kimberly will be open and honest in asking questions and offering ideas that she believes will be beneficial to the Client and/or their business. The Client understands that the nature of the relationship is one of support and guidance rather than a consulting or counseling relationship. The Client understands that the power of the Alongside relationship can be granted only by the client and what they bring to the session(s). The Client understands that in order to be successful and gain value from the Alongside session(s), it is up to them to participate wholeheartedly in the session(s). If at any point the Client believes the session is not working as desired, they will communicate this to Kimberly so that new direction may be taken and the time best utilized.


As the Client, I understand that I am working with Kimberly for Alongside creative support and guidance at the agreed upon fee. I understand that Alongside sessions are distinctly different from professional life-coaching, licensed consultation, counseling, psychotherapy, or psychoanalysis, and sessions will not address diagnosis or treatment of any kind. By registering for an Alongside session with Kimberly, I declare that I understand and agree to the above terms.

If you have feedback or questions, please feel free to reach out.

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