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"Lacelit's cards are like a voice box for my heart. I often feel speechless at times, from sheer exhaustion or being put on the spot. It can be discouraging to feel things so deeply, but be unable to express them. I am so grateful to have finally found a company that expresses my warmest seniements in an authentic, original and beautiful way. There's a card for every feeling, a sentence for every friend... Thank you, Kimberly, for making something important. You remind us that people matter more than things... that the best kinds of friends are every-weather friends... that humans can be like lamp posts, lighting up the way during dark times. I feel uplifted, impacted, and inspired by your work. You are truly the loveliest of beings."

"There can be no greater compliment than this: the person I gave this card to cried when he read it. Many people don’t know the impact they make on other people’s lives. At the end of the day, we are often left feeling useless in the midst of so much sorrow. But Kimberly has woven together a collection of words and images, created from the depths of her beautiful heart, that help us hold on to what matters. Her work is a constant inspiration and reminder to me that love DOES count. That people matter. That there are little blessings to be found even in the midst of incredible darkness. Every time I receive an order I can tangibly feel the love jumping off the page. These cards are little blessings you can send to others, reminders of the connection we all share."

- Jess Engel, Exoskeletons (St. Paul, MN)

"Your parcels are as beautiful as your artwork. Seriously. I cannot bear to recycle the envelopes so they are pinned to my cork board. And thank you for taking the time to write such nice notes. You are wonderful :)"

- Kirsten Collins (Jonesborough, TN)

"I found Kimberly's Lacelit creations on Instagram a few months back. Instantly, I was drawn in by her delicate and thoughtful creations. What was a complementary delight was that her personality was just as warm, genuine, and creatively lovely as her work. Being a lover of the handwritten note and nature, her work and person became a reflection of both I felt a could back and really wanted to share with others in the cards I send.  When I purchased her items I was pleasantly surprised to find that the whole ordering and receiving process felt like Christmas! (In that surprise and delight kind of way--NOT the stressful commercialism.)  I received my items quickly and seamlessly, but also received them with great care in packaging and attentiveness to include fun extras.  Not only is Kimberly attentive in her process from creation through delivery, but she is incredibly smart in how she makes you feel a very welcome and appreciated part of the entire process.  This is a small, creative business owner I'd really like to see go places and will definitely purchase from again.  Thanks, Kimberly/Lacelit!"

- Heather Roberts (St. Paul, MN)

"Kimberly, of Lacelit, is an outstanding and passionate artist who puts her heart and soul into every piece of watercolor and ink art she creates. From the vision to the creation, personal notes, packaging, shipping. All superior... From one artist to another, thank you!!!"

- Deborah Tracy Photography (Alta Loma, CA)

"The absolute cutest cards! Amazing quality and fast shiping! The packaging was also gorgeous and very personal--brightened my day for sure! Will purchase from again!"

- Carolann Lucian (San Diego, CA)

"Beautiful card and it came in such a sweet package! I felt like I was the one getting a gift instead of the card recipient! And I can't express how grateful I am to find someone who has nice, neutral, Father's Day cards! I will definitely be coming back here for other cards too, because it was such nice quality!!"

- Nicole DeAnda (Elmira, NY)

"These one-of-a-kind cards are absolutely wonderful and will put a smile on anyone's face! Quality is top-notch, and item came beautifully packaged and very quickly. Kimberly was very accommodating, responsive, and she is just an incredible and creative artist overall. :)"

- Jackie Sun, Wondershins (Elmira, NY)

"Love the simple beauty and the whimsical and thoughtful words! These cards are one of a kind and perfect for sending to someone special."

"The cards I ordered and received are even more beauitful than they look online. The design is so delicate and whimsical feeling! Kimberly's lovely, personal touch with her packaging made me feel like I was receiving a special gift."

- Heather Engel (St. Paul, MN)

"Speedy delivery, these are so so cheerful, I wish I had everything this lovely artist does! You will not regret any purchase from here!"

- LS Medlin (Chino Hills, CA)

"Speedy delivery, these are so so cheerful, I wish I had everything this lovely artist does! You will not regret any purchase from here!"

- LS Medlin (Chino Hills, CA)

"Everything I received from Lacelit was beautifully designed, printed, and packaged - it was an absolute delight to open my parcel! Lovely and thoughtful creations. Don't miss a chance to support this artist!"

- Lindsay Eller, Linden Eller (Chino Hills, CA)

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