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s i l l y  m e

t o  t h e  n t h  d e g r e e

t i d s   a n d   b i t s


1. I'm a funky middle child between two lovely sisters.

2. I'm half-Japanese, but I hold my chopsticks incorrectly.

3. I will forever love the Lord of the Rings films.

4. A trip to Scotland is first on my bucket list. Learning embroidery is a close second.


5. My husband proposed to me in an old-fashioned photo booth and because they are among my favorite things in this vast world. And yes, the moment was captured in the photo strip.

6. Favorite pastimes include reading novels, knitting, composing for piano, working with instant film, jigsaw puzzles and being a homebody.

7. If I had a superpower, it would be teleporation, hands down.

8. Almond milk lattes, please.

9. Kitty cats are my favorite. 


✧ I'm fairly new to art, having only discovered the wonders of ink and watercolors years after college and a degree in psychology had come and gone. I'm mostly self-taught and love the imperfect symmetry of working freehand. I launched Lacelit in 2014 and am doing my best to make up for lost time.
✧ I work full-time at a university in Communications and Marketing (day off today!), and reserve evenings, weekends and lunch breaks for running my art business.
✧ I'm hapa (a person of partial Asian or Pacific Islander decent) and all growing up, my two sisters and I had Japanese rice with every meal. My Japanese roots weave into my work with my love of paper, delicate patterns, working with small shapes and an overall minimalist aesthetic.
✧ Despite being born and raised in sunny SoCal, I am an overcast skies, sweater-wearing, rainy-day child at heart who dreams of migrating to the Pacific Northwest.
✧ The first two decades of my life were centered in the performing arts with choreography, music, and theatre as my creative outlets.
✧ My favorite pastimes include reading novels (particularly fantasy and sci-if), writing poetry, blogging and knitting.

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