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Q: How did you come up with the name Lacelit?


Q: Did you study art?

A: I'm mostly self-taught. I took a handful of art classes as a child (colored pencil, doll-making and book-making, I believe), but most of my creative expression was in the performing arts.

In college, I started up a freelance photography business and took a black and white darkroom course at college. I've also explored modern calligraphy in a workshop with Jenna Rainey and a brush lettering workshop with Nicole Miyuki.

Q: What does "freehand" mean?

A: "Freehand" means that I don't use stencils or copy/paste duplicating techniques in production. I "eyeball" my watercolor patterns, lace geometrics and illustrations, and if the same element is needed multiple times, I draw and paint it multiple times to maintain the hand-drawn feel. There are times when I use a straight ruler line as a starting point, but that's pretty much it. I enjoy the imperfect symmetry that comes with drawing and painting freehand.

Q: How handmade are your products?

A: All artwork is ink and watercolored by me in my home studio. I then scans them into image files and edits them to ensure the integrity of the original works are intact. I vectorize my lettering to keep them sharp for print, but all watercolor work is left as untouched as possible. From there, I perform print tests on my Epson ____, cut, score, fold and package each card, art print, calendar and gift tag. Magnets and buttons are assembled by hand using a button maker.

Q: Do you use any environmentally-conscious materials?

A: All of Lacelit's envelopes are recycled and the plastic sleeves that hold the cards, art prints and calendars are biodegradable.

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