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Give the gift of an experience! Cover admission for a friend to enjoy one of Kimberly Kuniko's cozy, virtual Guided Creative Retreats hosted live on Zoom. Select from these options...


  • Event ticket for 1 Guided Creative Retreat ($15 value)
  • Event tickets for 2 Guided Creative Retreats ($30 value)
  • Event tickets for 4 Guided Creative Retreats ($60 value)
  • Event tickets for 6 Guided Creative Retreats ($90 value)



Guided Creative Retreats are cozy, virtual retreats hosted by Kimberly Kuniko live on Zoom. During each retreat, we enjoy taking some quiet moments to follow our creative curiosities, focusing on any medium we'd like to explore whether it be writing, drawing, painting, collage, fiber arts, music composition, or crafting, and using materials you have on hand at home. Each retreat is akin to going on a solo retreat of your own while in the company of fellow creatives who are doing the same. We enjoy ambling through a series of prompts centering on a specific theme (see 2023 theme schedule) and save some time at the end for those who'd like to share or chat about their explorations (completely optional).


Retreats take place in a live session through Zoom, which allows us to interact face-to-face in an online classroom setting through video, audio, and chat box.



When you purchase this listing, I create a digital or physical (your choice!) Gift Certificate for your giftee, which includes all details on how to register for retreats using their special Gift Code. They'll be able to see the 2023 line-up of retreat themes to pick which one(s) they'd like to join.

Make sure you use a current email address on your order, so I can arrange delivery of your gift certificate (digital or physical).

Gift Certificate | Guided Creative Retreat

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