Treehouses have always been the birthplace of stories, ingenuity, and inspiration. And, this little arboreal home is no exception.

This sticker is a lovely way to create a safe space to dream - one where your ideas are never cut down before you even get started. Plant it on your ideas journal, computer, or anywhere you need a reminder, and watch your imagination grow.

▻ Original illustration by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, printed by a fellow U.S.-based business, and hand-packaged in the Lacelit studio.
▻ Sticker measures 3" x 2.5"
▻ Vinyl sticker features a premium coating that protects them from exposure to wind, rain, and sunlight. You can even put them in your dishwasher and have them come out looking brand new.

Little Treehouse Sticker (6 singles)

SKU: S-06
    © Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell
    © Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell