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This cute magical sticker makes a lasting impression and conjures up a wonderfully imaginative place to rest your eyes amidst busy days whether you're running late to Herbology or heading off for some up-to-no-good mischievousness in the Forbidden Forest.


▻ Original illustration by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell, printed by a fellow U.S.-based business, and hand-packaged in the Lacelit studio.
▻ Magnets are 19mm thick including laminate and coating.

▻ Magnet is durable and will hold up to poor weather conditions, but should never be affixed to electronic devices as magnetic material can damage electronics. It can hold a few pieces of paper to a magnetic surface such as a refrigerator, and can also be used decoratively on school lockers, kitchen appliances, metal file cabinets, and magnetic dry erase boards. While it holds up well with sunlight, please note that long-term use on surfaces frequently exposed to direct sunlight (such as vehicles) may result in fading. Magnet may be cleaned with a mild detergent and wiped with a soft cloth or allowed to air-dry.


All designs, photography and graphics are copyright registered and may not be reproduced, altered, or used without written permission from the artist. © Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell / Lacelit

Potions Master | Magnet

SKU: M-05
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