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PLEASE NOTE: This listing is for a digital product. It will come in the form of a 1-page downloadable PDF file. No physical product will be mailed to you.


  • Summer's End Tying Up Loose Ends PDF | A helpful worksheet for dedicating time to wrapping up things that need doing before the busy autumn/winter seasons arrive. Entering into a new season with refreshed momentum without having to slow down to take care of unfinished things that are lingering from the previous season can help reduce overwhelm

    Instructions: Use the sheet to capture all the extraneous tasks floating around in the back of your mind by sorting them into categories. This helps us keep better track of things as well as feel less overwhelmed or worried that we're forgetting something.

    Pick 2 different colored highlighters or markers. Assign 1 of the colors for tasks that would take less than and hour to take care of. Assign the other color to tasks that will require more time. This can help us visually see what tasks might be achievable on a given day when you sit down to work.

    Once you've brain-dumped things onto your worksheet, decide on a realistic amount of time you can dedicate to tackling these items from now through the end of August. This might be a smaller amount of time, but daily (i.e. 15 minutes a day) or a larger amount of time with less frequency (i.e. Fridays from 9am-12pm). Whatever works for and with all that you're juggling, is best.

    Reflect on the following questions:
    • Do you tend to tackle the bigger tasks first or take care of the smaller ones first? How does this impact how you feel while you work?
    • Which tasks feel most overwhelming? Is there a way you can deconstruct them to tackle smaller, bite-sized aspects of them one at a time?
    • Is there a task you'd like to say aloud in the comments for some accountability and encouragement?


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Summer's End Tying Up Loose Ends | Worksheet

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