Ups & Downs Art Print (3 prints)

SKU: AP-17

Loyal: To give constant support
Steadfast: Resolutely true and unwavering
Unconditional: Not subject to any conditions
Sacrifice: To willingly give up something valued for the sake of something else

I have found these four attributes in the most meaningful of friendships. They inspire lasting relationships and are allow love and trust to grow on and on. 

This print is for those in your life who have been with you for through the darkest nights and the brightest days in an ever-present way.


▻ Original, freehand ink and watercolor painting printed on 140 lb. cold press acid-free watercolor paper
▻ 8x10 art print ($24 for 3 prints)
▻ Packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves with protective cardboard (picture frame not included)

▻ Quantity: Minimum of 3 prints per style and size