When We Fly Art Print (3 prints)


When we were children, our imaginations carried us ever onward and upward. Reality could not hold us back as we played pretend, believing that we were another person, in another land, with fantastical abilities.

This is the first in the Dreamscape Series, which centers on the wonder to behold in our own imagination. In a world saturated with electronic devices, constant alerts and over-stimulation, and immediate gratification, this series yet draws us back to the tactile beauty of paint and brush while celebrating the expansive horizon of invention and new art forms. Each addition to the series will explore an element of the imagination while mixing three mediums: watercolor painting, hand-illustration with ink, and digital colorization.


▻ Original, freehand ink and watercolor painting printed on 140 lb. cold press acid-free watercolor paper
▻ Choose between 5x7 ($18 for 3 prints), 8x10 ($24 for 3 prints)
▻ Packaged in biodegradable plastic sleeves with protective cardboard (picture frame not included)

▻ Quantity: Minimum of 3 prints per style and size