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Photo of wide-sweeping hillsides, up-reaching mustard plants and vollumous clouds.

We drove the winding road, marveling in sisterly fashion with every turn. And when we had found our spot, we set out on foot until all we could see was hillside and world and mustard plants growing up and up. The great expanse of sky was everywhere, and we felt as though we must be in someone's story for all its grandeur.

12/52 :: Floral & Foliage

ArtStew52 is a 52-week creative challenge orchestrated by artist Rhea Amyett of Hatching Artist

to spur on creativity in the Instagram community.Artists of all mediums--both visual and written--

commit to exploring a new prompt each week. Join the challenge or follow along with #ArtStew52.

#exploration #spring #statesofbeing #stories #art #photography

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