tids and bits

When I was a small child, my mother needed to pick something up at our local fabric store. While she shopped, my sisters and I explored the rows of lace and cloth and thread. We soon discovered little tids and bits left behind on the floor where their only future looked to be a life of the forgotten--left behind and tread upon by adults with too many bigger projects in mind to notice the wayward treasures beneath their feet. So, we stooped to pluck them from their saddened fate and popped them protectively into our pockets.

It was not until we had reached home that my mother noticed our findings. It was then that we learned that finder's keepers isn't always honest, and that those tids and bits really belonged to the owner of the store. We protested with a love for that which we were certain would have been swept up with the dust and discarded at the end of the day, but we listened to her words and promised to always ask in the future.

This cheery bit of lace is the last of a vintage spool, and though it isn't long enough to tie parcel nor ponytail, it is the perfect size for tacking to my inspiration board and remembering tids and bits of childhood.


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