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#lacelitober 2023: week 4

The last week of #lacelitober is always the toughest, but reaching the end feels so celebratory and satisfying! Vending the Los Angeles Printers Fair in the middle of this last push, I cut myself some slack and shared some pieces I'd made previously, but never shared (with the exception of one that was just toooo perfect for the prompt). Here's my last week of responses to Lacelitober 2023's prompts...


hemispheres don’t line up

and signals get crossed or lost


we could build a bridge

and remember how together

Exploring brain chemistry in layered photography.

Took a day off to share a piece I'd never shared before.

stepping through

into something other than this frame

a door goes both ways

Sometimes, making art feels like leaving little clues to find later when I need them most. When walls press inward, it’s easy to feel only the compression of space and forget that I can move and make choices instead of standing frozen in place. I can find a way… or make one.

A few moments ago while helping my mom with her meds, a dear conversation rose up between us and in a beautiful moment of clarity, she said with tears in her eyes, “You can change and go about-face. You can change and go left or right. You can change because you don’t like what you’re doing.” 🤍

I’m moved by how her words align so meaningfully with the haiku I was writing just moments before our call. And it feels like another clue. 🥹

Took a day off and shared this illo I created for Patreon.

How about sharing some cozy conversation over an illustrated cup of coffee or tea, friends? ☺️ What’s your beverage of choice? 🍵 ☕️🧋

Took another day off to share a piece I'd never shared before.

Imagining a walk through a forest made of paper pencils.

What other unlikely objects would make a wonder-filled forest? Leave a comment with your answer (or even an emoji as your answer), and I may just draw it! ✏️

The most important factor for ensuring a successful nap is making sure you’re not disturbed so you can get to the sweetest dreamland. This little fella knows how to camouflage himself for optimal comfort. 🍄🐞

Reshared this piece in response to 'soup':

a rich stew of stories- an eco-system, of belonging Whoever you are however you got here, The story ends with everyone Taking a breath today, I’m revisiting a piece I made earlier this year that was just perfect for today’s prompt, ‘soup’.

Since my earliest memories, nori and sakura arare senbei (Japanese rice crackers) were present at every family gathering. I remember the enticing shapes and shining nori (seaweed), and the sound of them being poured into a porcelain bowl from the bag for a lovelier display. These snacks bring a twinkle to my eye and comfort to my taste buds! Have you tried either of these, friends? 😋

One of my ‘someday’ adventure dreams is to take in the view from a hot air balloon high above the earth. Until then, I’ll draw one!

This illo turned out differently than I had envisioned, but it was a fun exploration for me, and I learned a few things I’d alter in my process next time around. ☁️

What’s one of your ‘someday’ adventures, friends?

This was a piece I created for my dad's birthday this year. ^.^ He's a big Tolkien fan and he's the one who read The Hobbit to me when I was 4 years old.

“All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.”

- the words of Gandalf written by J.R.R. Tolkien

When the suffering in this world feels like too much to bear, I return to these words and remember that I can make choices that can make a difference. And that is something, and maybe even everything.

🎉 A spooky-cute ending to an amaaaaazing month full of creative exploration. To each and every one of you who responded to any of our #lacelitober prompts this year, left thoughtful comments of encouragement along the way, or took the time to cheer on any of your friends participating in other art challenges this month, thank you! 🥰

This year has been a challenging one for me personally, so it's meant so much to show up for Lacelitober again this year and let my creative curiosity revive.

Tomorrow, I'll announce the winners of the Lacelitober participant random drawing who will each receive a mystery bag of paper goodies in the post over in my IG Stories!


And, that's a wrap for Lacelitober 2023!!

♡ Kimberly Kuniko

. . . . . . . . . .


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