boxes and bearings

I think about boxes and structure and the comfort I find in the home we are together. I am a person who finds peace in the known, thrives on a productively dedicated routine, and experiences security in the ability to control my surroundings as much as possible as well as orchestrate myself within them for both myself and the care of loved ones alike.

For me, change is most often something dreaded and draining. I function so much better with clear expectations and plans made and followed. I savor one-on-one conversations late into nights and mornings, yet my energy depletes quickly amidst a group (no matter how wonderful they are), and time is needed to recover--in solitude and stillness--in a space without no sound except the exhale.

I note the histories that have grown me into me--that have taught me to cope, to become stronger, and to choose to practice my own way of living that does not inherit the past.

Others may say that boxes are limiting, but I have found in carefully drawn squares, a key to being free.

Hermonville, France 2013

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