the taking of turns

The summer sun has arrived in all its glory. My beloved tights and boots lie dormant in their closets, and I begin the countdown to autumn. To many, it may seem perplexing that I have such a love-to-hate relationship with summer--especially living in sunny SoCal where warm weather days outnumber my favorite cold, overcast ones by far. Yet, I have promised myself to demonstrate and carry a fairer attitude towards the warm seasons.

So, I take a walk early in the morning before the sun can deter me, I take note of the cheerful plants all along the way, and I watch the beautiful people all around who revel in the sunshine, soaking in the sun's rays with smiles rather than impatient sighs or grumbles. I imagine that these dears might spend their autumn and winters counting down the days until their sweet spring and summers arrive once again. Much, as I do for autumn and winter.

And so, I remember the loveliness in the taking of turns, and how the turn of each season has taught me to appreciate even that which I am not naturally inclined to enjoy. It reminds me that there are delights to be found in every season, every month, and in each and every day--but, it is up to me to look for them, or make some of my own.

25/52 :: Summer Magic

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