a letter to summer

Dear Summer, These past 33 years, you have worked very hard to win me over. I must commend you on your valiant attempt, especially during childhood days with sleep-away camp and Thrifty ice cream cones and jelly sandals. I appreciate what you are, truly I do. It's just that the heat is too much for my little overcast-skies, sweater-wearing, cozy-fireside, walk-in-the-rain, read-novels-in-bed, autumn-child self. Yet, I applaud you for the happiness you evoke in so many, the vibrant greens you awaken, and how children and their school teachers wait all year long for your sunny window of freedom. For the kitties who soak in your rays and the summer spirits who picnic at the beach. I promise to try my utmost to make peace with your high temperatures and ever-sunny disposition. And I will make every attempt to smile when I step outside my door, even in leaving my cozy knit tights and boots behind for autumn's coming. After all, it is you of all seasons, that have taught me to appreciate the taking of turns. Cheers, Kimberly

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