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I recently stumbled upon the term "webtrovert" while listening to a podcast and couldn't help but laugh to myself as the podcaster described someone precisely like me. A webtrovert is one who is naturally introverted, but is very outgoing and social online. Webtroverts are folk who enjoy and participate in authentic, intentional engagement with others through social media, blogs, and other online platforms.

While I can be very social and conversational in the public setting, I thrive on quality time, one-on-one conversation, small group activities with trusted friends, and the occasional epic theme party (in which I plan and host to ensure optimum enjoyment). I prefer to avoid group settings in which the majority of people are ones I have never met or or do not know well, and when I do participate, I can be found trailing the one person I have previously acquainted or making one, solitary new friend (who will most likely become a lifelong one because that's how I do friendship). ^.^

Yet, when it comes to Instagram and online art communities, I am outgoing and comfortable and quick to initiate conversation. I love the poetry of making friends from other places you might otherwise never have met. I love growing lasting connections through written words and the sharing of beautiful imagery.

Art Stew is a 52-week creative Instagram challenge that spurs on creativity among artists of all mediums (visual, tactile, and written). Since it's inception, it quickly grew into a cozy community of thoughtful folk who enjoy sharing art and stories in meaningful ways.

In this merry band of creatives, I have found a circle of wonders who are intentional, encouraging, generous, and kind. Though the wide expanse of talents and mediums represented within the group could easily deviate into an environment of competition, I truly don't believe it ever would. Art Stew seems to draw together artists with a common thread of sincerity and humility, and a sense of kinship swirling through.

With each new Steward (as our clever founder, Rhea, playfully calls us) I meet, I find yet another kindred spirit wiling to share their self and art in the most unassuming of ways, and contribute to the creative journeys of others, leaving a trail of lasting beauty in their wake.

As our year-long art challenge half-way mark approached this past June, I wanted to cook up a surprise as a small token of my gratitude for all that Art Stew has added to my creative exploration and connectedness this year. After posting a prompt inviting Stewards to share their favorite creative materials and supplies, I created the first in a series of illustrations highlighting a Taste of Stew.

Cheers to creativity, community, and kinship!


{Courtesy: This illustration may not be shared, altered, reproduced or sold. Thank you!}

26/52 :: Art Stew

ArtStew52 is a 52-week creative challenge orchestrated by artist Rhea Amyett of Hatching Artist

to spur on creativity in the Instagram community.Artists of all mediums--both visual and written--

commit to exploring a new prompt each week. Join the challenge or follow along with #ArtStew52.

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