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May 31, 2018

I've been counting down the days until everything was in its right place so that I could share with you some happy changes to my e-newsletter. To give you a taste of what's to come, I'd like to introduce you to...


Paper Trails, my reimagined e-newsletter, arriving in your inbox the first Tuesday of every month. Its purpose is not only a fun way to share a behind-the-scenes window into my creative process with you, but also as a way for me to give back to my lovely loyal readers with exclusive delights created especially with you in mind. Within its contents, you'll find:




Tids & Bits | Written and visual storyettes, keeping you up to date on my studio explorations, ponderings + any exciting news I'm bursting to share.







Noteworthies | A segment for sharing new discoveries of the creative variety including favorite artists, podcasts, blog posts, book recommendations, community events and resources that I love.






Meet & Greet | A little spotlight on Lacelit designs accompanied by a mini backstory into the inspiration from whence it came.






Treatfuls | A bonus treat from me to you. This may come in the form of a digital download, free printable, seasonal playlist or some other type of merry surprise for your enjoyment.


Occasionally, you'll hear from me in between newsletters when there is a special promotion, upcoming event or some all-around goodness going on.


Subscribe to Paper Trails to join the fun with the first edition arriving in your inbox Tuesday, June 5. I look forward to sharing new adventures with you in the days to come.


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