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a room of one's own

Imagine a room that only you know (fully). Because it lives in you.

It's where your curiosities linger, where your ideas brew, where you tuck things away for safe-keeping and keep-closing. It's where you plant dreams in a flower box on the windowsill and coax them with light and love and sustenance until they sprout and grow and change you from the inside out.

It's where you can go to remember dear truths, or be a kid again (and play until bedtime), or find a way to connect with a future version of self who doesn't judge and knows you best and understands and reminds you that you know you, too.

I'm making a point of visiting my room more often. I'm still learning all its nooks and crannies (bringing in new things to stay and letting other things go). But one thing I know so far, is that in my room, there are three little pegs hanging on the wall by the door:

One peg for my favorite, coziest sweater- for (most) days when an embrace is the ticket, and I need reminding that comfort and self-kindness is something I can always try to find in myself.

One peg for my adventuring backpack filled with bravery and first steps and carefully studied maps that almost always require detours.

And the last peg is for the rainbow-striped umbrella I had in my childhood- to hold colors close on rainy days and bring new meaning to the notion of a good color-wash. And on the other side of things, for days that feel too bright or loud, and need a little extra shade.

Maybe it's because I've been noticing a whole lot of things lately that have me wanting to treat myself more kindly, but I think getting to know this little room in me will do me some good.

What's something you know about your room, friends?

♡ Kimberly Kuniko

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