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lines on lines

I’ve been fascinated by lines for as long as I remember. The way they curve or hold still or underline something important. How they have the ability to divide or bridge or intersect or direct. How they can make space and hold space and frame space. How even the simplest lines can make beautiful things, and how drawing them can feel meditative and calming.

Last night, I sat in bed watching "Encanto" for the second time, enjoying the creative cleverness of the animators and song writers, and feeling Luisa's song about the pressure of expectations. I found myself flipping to a blank page in my lined notebook, thinking it'd be amusing to draw lines on top of lines. Curved ones on top of straight ones. Imperfect ones on top of college-ruled ones.

Earlier this fall, I shared a creative prompt for my Creativity Club over on Patreon where we took inspiration from music and lyrics to create something in our own medium. I haven't had a chance to sit down and respond yet, so this is my reply to the lyrical phrase I chose, "fists unraveling" and "nothing less than a work in progress" from Sleeping at Last's poetic song, Taste.

These lines on lines remind of me of the layers. Of the swirls of things I hold in clenched fists, afraid to let go or set free or ask for help carrying. There's something comforting in drawing the imperfect strands, and knowing that they do not need to be worked at all at once. I can follow one until I find it's beginning before tending to the next, and there is no time limit to learning. 🤍

What do lines bring to mind for you, friends?

♡ Kimberly Kuniko

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