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note・ations | 05 sparking creativity through community

note•ations | Episode 5: Sparking Creativity Through Community

[EPISODE] In which Kimberly discusses the importance of community for creativity, accountability, and inspiration, and offers a slew of ideas for fostering, creating, and engaging in meaningful, lasting community.


Sarah Shotts of Kindle Curiosity, Sarah's Patreon Community

Sparking Creativity Through Community blogpost by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell

Rhea Amyett of ArtStew52

Gracie Klumpp, Gracie's Instagram

Inktober hashtag challenge

MarchMeettheMaker hashtag challenge

Cheryl Loh of Quirky Paper Co.

Kacey Schwartz of Mudsplash Studios

Tessa Worley of Fox & Bear Paper Co.

Jackie Sun of Wondershins



plural noun

  1. a series of audible letters from artist Kimberly Taylor-Pestell of Lacelit,

  2. a podcast in which episodes are very much akin to sitting down together for a cozy conversation over a cup of tea to chat about all manner of things within the realm of the artist narrative, heartfelt creativity, and running an intentional small business.

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