Autumn is the season that resonates most meaningfully with me. I've heard it said that people often love the season in which they were born. Perhaps this is a myth, but it is the truest of truths for me. Born in the heart of autumn, I love everything about the autumnal personality.

Crisp, cool air in my lungs from morning until the day's end. Crunching leaves beneath booted feet. Steaming beverages and savory scents of nutmeg and cinnamon and pumpkin and cloves. Knitted scarves embrace each day of the week. Outdoor painting bundled up in my coat because my entire being needs to be outside. Overcast skies and rainy-day walks beneath cheerfully polka-dotted umbrellas. Cozy blankets and a little calico tabby singing purr-songs on my lap.

Our autumns may be too short in Southern California, but I will savor every moment and soak in all the wonder to be found in this congenial changing of the leaves.

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