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adventures in micro-making

This summer, I've been drawn to tiny things and experimenting with working small. It started when I discovered the Special Agent Collage Collective (SACC) described by its founder as "a somewhat nerdy group of collagists who never stop being amazed at what magic can unfold from a few scraps of paper, a sharp blade, and a fresh glue stick" with "the compulsion to cut and paste is strong with us." ^.^ It felt like destiny clicking into place.

I embarked on my first mission: Mission 12: Philatelic Collage, Microscale, a mission to create a collage within the confines of the surface of a postage stamp. I love working small, but never before have I attempted such a tiny canvas. I decided to incorporate a found words micro-poem and hand-stitching, and ended up making 3 pulling inspiration from a series of dragon-themed postage stamps (designed by @icreature)!

There's still one dragon step left in the collection, so I'm definitely going to complete the set soon!

My love of micropoetry continues to grow, and I've been composing some new found words poems lately while taking some time off for a little summer vacation...

I can't wait to host a special Pocket Poetry Guided Creative Retreat this month on Saturday, Aug. 26, and you're invited! Join me for a cozy time for exploring the art of pocket-size writing. Explore micropoetry, play with found words, and tell a story in just a few lines. We’ll pull inspiration from visual imagery and wordplay + work small to alleviate the pressure of starting from scratch or having to fill a page.

Have you ever experimented with tiny creations, friends?

♡ Kimberly Kuniko

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