Hand Lettering with Art Pens, Part I

Dates/Times TBD

Live via Zoom


Hand-lettering has a wonderfully natural, delightfully personal touch that distinguishes it from fonts, typography, and printing press art forms. In this workshop, we'll explore multiple styles of block lettering and cursive scripts while working with spacing, slant, varying pen weights, and line heights to convey different moods and messaging styles.


We'll cover helpful tips and tricks for planning out spacing, and students will have time to play with various lettering styles as well as work on hand lettering a quote or phrase.

Students will receive a recommended supplies list to purchase ahead of class (if you already have supplies, great!), or you can purchase an optional workshop add-on to have a starter kit mailed to you ahead of class. For creatives of all levels and styles, age 13+.


Ink and watercolr works by Kimberly Taylor-Pestell

© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell
© Kimberly K. Taylor-Pestell