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March 7, 2017


We learned to hear each other, read each other and to even express each other's thoughts and emotions. We saw the many ways that we could say the same thing or say different things, all with the same notes and measures and bars.


I suppose we worked very hard, but mostly, we enjoyed. We were ever-moving, the rhythmicity of our perpetual heartbeats and steps pressed us forward. And in our every periphery, was melody.


We felt deeply and shared honestly. We remembered always that differences were not mistakes, but nuances of that which makes us true and ourselves.


I've wanted so very much to return to you--what I used to know so well that it was a very part of me. To listen, play, create, express, and all in the way of notes and measures and bars. Let us set a date and reminisce soon.

8/55 :: Musically


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